Who We Are

About ClearyX

Our Advantage

ClearyX reimagines the delivery of high-quality, lower-cost legal services in new and innovative ways, and combines talent, process, and technology to build bespoke legal and business services. Born out of Cleary Gottlieb’s long and successful history of fostering innovation, we integrate the best elements of other legal service models to offer unparalleled value to our clients.

Our Approach

Our approach – “What problem do you most want to solve?” – resonates with those who feel most technology solutions are one-size-fits-all, costly, and don’t work well for you. We have four key guiding principles:

  1. We start by listening to what you are struggling with, rather than pitching anything to you.
  2. We work very closely with you to build our solutions. Each step of the way we engage with you to show you our progress to be sure we are building the way you expect, and that the solution works for your team.
  3. We are honest about our capabilities and constraints, and do not over promise or over commit.
  4. Where you want advice or information about technology tools, we provide a tool-agnostic and independent view of what we think might work for you.

ClearyX uses alternative, fully remote staffing models and a project-managed, process-driven approach, leveraging technology wherever it helps to solve your pain points. Our fully-remote team, alternative staffing models, lower overhead, and use of technology allow us to provide lower-cost options for delivering high quality services (for example, we typically cost 30-60% less than traditional associate models of diligence work and less than half the cost of traditional paralegal data management work).

Our Team

ClearyX is a global multi-disciplined team, with diverse experience and expertise across a range of backgrounds including legal services, technology, process and change management. We leverage the latest technology and artificial intelligence to enhance our capabilities, and focus on quality solutions that are efficient and practical.

Our External Advisory Board was established in 2022 to ensure that our solutions are designed and delivered in a way that closely aligns with our clients’ needs. These Board members are among the most sophisticated consumers of legal services in the world, and we are grateful to be able to work with them and learn from their experience. Their diverse voices are a valuable resource as we build our products and services, and to help us ensure we “walk the talk” of building innovative solutions that create a positive client experience.


We have access to a diverse range of technologies and platforms designed for legal services or broader applications. We leverage artificial intelligence, document automation, process automation (RPA), and collaborative platforms to create custom solutions that solve real-world problems and build value for our clients. We also work with emerging technologies and legal tech startups to build market-ready, responsive products that meet the unique needs of our clients.