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Document Automation & Analytics

Fast, flexible, and accurate documents created from your templates in record time.

ClearyX offers a document automation portal that can swiftly generate accurate documents, ranging from simple NDAs to drafts of complex financing document sets. By answering a few questions on our secure online platform, clients can activate built-in automation using “if this, then that” logic. You no longer have to search for the right template from past documents and cut and paste new information each time.

Our portals not only enhance speed and accuracy, but also provide real-time analytics and metrics such as contract values, turn times, jurisdiction etc., reducing time spent on routine tasks. The workflow is designed with flexibility, allowing real-time modifications to contract drafts and incorporating ‘agreed’ client or law firm templates, along with blacklining during negotiations.

Key Features of Document Automation​

Why Choose ClearyX?

ClearyX is designed to reimagine the delivery of legal services in new and innovative ways. We blend talent and advanced technology, including AI, to deliver efficient, practical solutions tailored to your needs. Our approach leverages project management and process improvement discipline, creating efficiency, consistency and predictability in our work.

We support clients globally with team members in the US, Canada, and the UK. The ClearyX team listens to your challenges, and are dedicated to provide our clients with customized, purpose-built solutions that leverage cutting edge technologies to solve your pain points. While our approach to fees can be flexible, we prefer project or flat fees such as subscription fees rather than hourly rates.

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Document Automation

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Document Automation

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