What We Do

Our Solutions

At ClearyX, we transform inefficient legal processes into custom-designed, tech-forward solutions that make your life easier. Our focus is on your problems. Whether it be time-consuming transactional diligence or contract management headaches, we listen to your challenges and craft purpose built solutions tailored to your needs and the way you work. We often create self-service options, empowering you and your users to take control where it’s appropriate. With ClearyX, you’re not getting software, you’re gaining a partner dedicated to streamlining your legal processes and driving your business forward.

Contract Review & Analysis (CoRA)

Our fully customized Contract Review and Analysis Solution is designed to help you organize, review and manage your documents and extract key data and obligations from your contracts in a secure, collaborative environment.

Data Analytics

ClearyX Data Analytics transforms the way our clients handle data. If you find yourself manipulating detailed spreadsheets and constantly having to search for specific data or information, we turn data sources from manual, inefficient processes into analytics dashboards.

Document Automation & Analytics

Fast, flexible, and accurate documents created from your templates in record time. ClearyX offers a document automation portal that can swiftly generate accurate documents, ranging from simple NDAs to drafts of complex financing document sets. 

Transactional Diligence

ClearyX provides high quality diligence support to legal teams across a wide range of projects, deal types, and industries. We prioritize understanding the specific deliverables required by our clients and are adept at generating comprehensive grids, as well as red flag reports and more detailed memos.

High Volume Transactions Management

ClearyX can manage high-volume document work. This can be anything from ongoing NDAs/confidentiality agreements to document repapering to comply with updated policies or regulations.

Post-Closing Business Integration

At ClearyX, we work to maximize the benefit of our transactional services to our clients by offering post-closing business integration support as an extension of our due diligence services.