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Transactional Diligence

ClearyX provides high quality diligence support to legal teams across a wide range of projects, deal types, and industries. We prioritize understanding the specific deliverables required by our clients and are adept at generating comprehensive grids, as well as red flag reports and more detailed memos.

The ClearyX transactions team has extensive experience in contract review, with increasing specialization in areas such as M&A, private equity, investment funds, real estate, employee benefits, and financial services. We offer cost-effective support, typically fixed or project fees, or we can simply provide additional resources to scale or support your team. While often supporting M&A deal teams, we can work directly with in-house and business teams to support any kind of contract review.

We prioritize understanding the specific deliverables required by our clients. We are adept at generating comprehensive grids, as well as red flag reports, more detailed memos and post-closing business integrations. Through our client facing portal, the client will be able to track in real time any expiration date and notification requirements for renewals, assignments, insurance certificates, and any other specified obligations arising from the contract set. We also work with clients to create transactional support programs, regardless of external counsel, to manage their high volume transactions.

It is worth noting that our work, along with that of other specialists, is frequently consolidated with the work of the Cleary Gottlieb deal team into a final deliverable. Prior to that final deliverable, we use our technology tools to quickly scope document sets for immediate escalation of key issues where needed and can prepare interim reports based on those insights. We also take pride in offering innovative alternatives such as risk reports and building interactive client portals, enabling real-time monitoring of project data and progress.

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ClearyX is designed to reimagine the delivery of legal services in new and innovative ways. We blend talent and advanced technology, including AI, to deliver efficient, practical solutions tailored to your needs. Our approach leverages project management and process improvement discipline, creating efficiency, consistency and predictability in our work.

We support clients globally with team members in the US, Canada, and the UK. The ClearyX team listens to your challenges, and are dedicated to provide our clients with customized, purpose-built solutions that leverage cutting edge technologies to solve your pain points. While our approach to fees can be flexible, we prefer project or flat fees such as subscription fees rather than hourly rates.

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Transactional Diligence

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Transactional Diligence

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