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ClearyX Harnesses AI for Fast and Efficient Real Estate Portfolio Review

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ClearyX provides AI driven, cost-effective due diligence solution for time sensitive review of commercial real estate documents

Project Overview

ClearyX successfully leveraged its expertise with machine learning tools to deliver a review of a large commercial real estate portfolio for a time sensitive matter. The extensive experience of ClearyX’s transactions team and the integration of leading-edge AI allowed ClearyX to deliver the highest quality work in a cost-effective manner.


A client looking to acquire a major retail company needed to review 100 critical commercial leases within a very short time. The complex leases included more than 1200 documents comprising over 15,000 pages. With only three business days to complete the review, the client considered having a team of legal associates conduct the review using a traditional approach, but chose to leverage ClearyX’s technological expertise to deliver a more efficient and far more cost-effective result.


Using a combination of technology and real estate expertise, the ClearyX Transactions team quickly identified and reviewed the most relevant and critical lease provisions and prepared a complete and accurate report of key data points for all 100 properties. The work was completed within just three days and at a fraction of the cost of using legal associates and traditional review methods.


By effectively leveraging expertise with leading-edge AI-enabled technology, ClearyX analysts delivered a high-quality result within the client’s challenging time window, at about one third the estimated cost of having the review conducted by transaction attorneys. ClearyX’s unique combination of expert analysts and cutting-edge technology means ClearyX can deliver the information the client needs to make an informed acquisition decision, on time and on budget.


Estimated Savings
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Our Solutions

At ClearyX, we are striving to revolutionize legal services and provide efficient, tech-forward solutions for some of the most frustrating challenges experienced by legal teams and business leaders, such as contract management, document and process automation.

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