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How ClearyX gave clients the edge in a potential acquisition by using innovative processes and technology to allow for faster, more informed decision making

Project Overview

ClearyX regularly assists clients with buy-side due diligence but for this transaction, our client wanted to gain an overview of the target’s business on a rapid timeline, and in an easily digestible format. Through innovative deal management processes and the use of AI contract review, our team of diligence experts were able to craft a custom solution to fit the client’s needs.


ClearyX was challenged with producing highly customized deliverables on multiple tight deadlines. Many of the target’s documents involved combinations of master services agreements and statements of work, and often referenced further terms and conditions in external documents, making the review more complex. Using a traditional manual diligence process would mean significantly more challenges and costs.


Prior to beginning the review ClearyX established a detailed project management workflow using machine learning and the team’s expertise. During the review phase the team used platform features such as set tagging, document grouping, and customized fields to keep the review highly organized while maintaining the flexibility to adopt to varying agreement structures easily. Following the review the team crafted the unique deliverables in the format the client requested. Overall, through a combination of creative workflows and technical mastery, ClearyX was able to increase efficiency and create the unique deliverables the client requested, in a very short turnaround time.


During the course of the project ClearyX’s Transactions team was able to review 464 complex documents in just five days, and produce three unique deliverables to meet varying deadlines. The team was able to tame the unwieldy structure of the agreements and produce final reports that clearly presented the information necessary for the client to make quick, informed decisions.


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Our Solutions

At ClearyX, we are striving to revolutionize legal services and provide efficient, tech-forward solutions for some of the most frustrating challenges experienced by legal teams and business leaders, such as contract management, document and process automation.

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