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Egi Troka

Egi Troka


Egi is a dynamic professional, leading the charge in revolutionizing the legal landscape and empowering businesses. With over five years of experience in pushing boundaries, her innovative approach has significantly impacted every organization she has been a part of. Currently, as an Analyst at ClearyX, Egi leverages the power of technology to analyze M&A transactions and construct client solutions. Her ability to seamlessly integrate solutions distinguishes her as a versatile lawyer who adeptly balances legal and business interests.

Egi’s expertise spans antitrust law, commercial law, and litigation. During her tenure as an Associate at a prominent Big Law firm, she counseled leading businesses on mitigating antitrust risks associated with M&A transactions and various commercial activities. Her deep understanding of diverse industries, including technology, software, financial services, and real estate, has enabled her to analyze and draft memos and filings for over 25 transactions involving international antitrust agencies.

Previously, as a Competition Law Officer at the Competition Bureau of Canada, Egi investigated Competition Act breaches and devised effective strategies based on thorough evidence examination. She analyzed economic trends to identify anti-competitive behavior, ensuring fair market practices.

Egi’s commitment to excellence is further exemplified by her experience as an Associate at a leading regional law firm, where she provided practical and strategic advice to premium brands and tech companies on marketing law and commercial contracts.

Egi’s early career experiences laid a solid foundation for her role as an innovator in the legal industry. As a Project Lead at the Conflict Analytics Lab, she led the development of a platform that uses data modelling to calculate non-pecuniary damages. In 2020, Egi founded a community of international legal tech innovators to brainstorm solutions that brought legal practices online in response to COVID-19 and remote work. Egi’s comprehensive understanding of law is rooted in her education at Queen’s University and York University. Egi earned a certification as a Legal AI Prompting Star by the Legal Design School (2023). Her work has been featured in numerous publications, panels, and podcasts, including the Ontario Bar Association, American Bar Association and The Legal Technologist.