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Katrina Lim


With a robust background in corporate and commercial law, Katrina Lim swiftly gained recognition as a rising star in her field during her impactful five-year tenure as an M&A lawyer. At a prestigious international Big Law firm, she refined her expertise in navigating the intricate terrain of cross-border transactions and facilitating the expansion endeavors of major multinational corporations. She also shouldered a diverse array of responsibilities, from advising clients on pivotal strategic decisions to assisting various pro bono clients such as embassies and global nonprofit organizations. Her experience in cross-border transactions and her dedication to pro bono work demonstrate her commitment to both corporate success and social responsibility.

Upon relocating to California, Katrina became over interested in legal technology and the future of legal services. Armed with her extensive legal background and an unyielding drive for innovation, Katrina seamlessly transitioned into the realm of legal tech by joining ClearyX as an analyst.

Katrina remains resolute in her commitment to leveraging her expertise and experience to drive favorable outcomes for her clients while leaving an enduring mark on the legal profession. Her comprehensive understanding of the law is underpinned by her Juris Doctor (2013) and Bachelor of Science in Economics (2009) degrees, both obtained with academic honors from the esteemed University of the Philippines. A natural leader and high achiever, Katrina’s long list of involvement in student governments and organizations prior to entering the legal field underscores her innate talent for leadership and excellence.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Katrina’s passion for adventure and nature shines through in her love for camping and hiking with her family.