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Owen Song

Owen Song


Owen is an Analyst at ClearyX. Prior to joining ClearyX, Owen had a career in venture capital, where he became a strong believer in legal tech’s ability to transform law practice. During this time, he focused on investments in legal technology startups, recognizing the transformative potential of innovative solutions in the legal sector. Owen’s exposure to cutting-edge legal technologies allowed him to stay ahead of industry trends and develop a forward-thinking mindset. Owen’s expertise in legal technology and his comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape make him an integral part of the team.

At ClearyX, Owen divides his time between reviewing transactional legal documents, creating smart legal tech solutions, and planning social events for the team. He enjoys the ability to utilize his legal expertise in a dynamic and innovative environment. As a legal document reviewer, Owen meticulously analyzes and evaluates transactional documents with the help of AI-driven tools, ensuring that they adhere to legal standards and meet the specific needs of clients.

Beyond his professional duties, Owen takes on the task of planning social events for the ClearyX team. Recognizing the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive work culture, he organizes team-building activities, and celebrations that promote collaboration and camaraderie among colleagues. Owen’s ability to bring people together and create a vibrant social atmosphere contributes to a supportive and engaging work environment at ClearyX.

Owen holds a MSc from University of Oxford, a JD from University of Western Ontario, and a BA from University of Toronto. Owen is based in Toronto, Canada and enjoys spending time with his dog named DiDi.