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Terry Wallace

Terry Wallace

Senior Vice President, Technology & Operations

Terry is a seasoned technology professional with a strong background in both innovation and practical application. He began his tech journey as the Technical Director at a major university, where he played a key role in guiding its technological advancements.

On the entrepreneurial side, Terry founded and managed a software development company for over a decade, delivering tailored software solutions to meet various needs for global clients. Additionally, he spent 17 years at a leading Canadian law firm, focusing on developing client-facing technology solutions that enhanced the firm’s service delivery.

Currently, as the Senior Vice President of Technology & Operations for ClearyX, Terry leads the company’s tech and operations initiatives. His expertise includes solution architecting, analytics, development, project management, and company operations. With this combination of skills, Terry is adept at creating and implementing comprehensive strategies for the company and its clients, ensuring ClearyX remains competitive and efficient in its operations.