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A “day in the life” at ClearyX

“What do you do at ClearyX exactly?” is a question I’ve been frequently asked since joining as a Due Diligence Analyst earlier this year and I thought the easiest way to answer that question would be to give you a sneak peek into a regular day here at ClearyX.

On a typical day, I begin my day looking through my outlook calendar to orient myself for the day and refresh my memory of my meetings and to-do list for the day. Then I’m off to get my toddler ready for daycare. By 9:30am, I’m back home and ready to begin my work day.

Most work days begin with an email notification with detailed client instructions on a project for M&A due diligence from one of the Directors or Transaction Managers. While we work on diverse legal projects that span across various industries and specializations, we mainly collaborate with M&A teams and support purchase and sale transactions requiring due diligence review and analysis. We understand that the volume of documents to be reviewed in these large-scale corporate transactions can be overwhelming for the M&A teams to manage and we are called upon for our highly efficient and specialized service offering.

For example, as is often the case in this area of law, many of these projects have a quick turnaround time which the team and I are able to meet by leveraging technology and artificial intelligence to enhance our subject matter expertise. It is important to note, however, that while we embrace technology and maximize use of language processing software, our review is ultimately led by humans. The technology we utilize improves our review capability, however us analysts always draw on our legal training to verify the output for correctness and our Directors and Transaction Managers provide a final quality check to ensure our high standard for value creation is always met. The outcome is that our team delivers a comprehensive due diligence report quicker than traditional law firms would, yet without compromising quality as our process for review reduces errors and focuses on value creation.

Throughout the day, I am constantly connecting with my colleagues via Teams and Zoom to discuss projects, ask questions, or just to socialize. We are a fully remote team with team members based all across North America, and we are expanding into Europe as well, so at any given time one team member may be ending their day when another is just starting theirs. You see, one of the ways ClearyX is reimagining how legal services are provided is by operating and growing strategically across different time zones so that we can be available to our clients when they need us without the expectation that one person be available 24/7. Did I mention we have an advanced project management system that allows the deal teams to view the progress of the review in real time and enhances our team’s collaboration on the transactions?

There are quiet days too. On these days, I work on my side projects targeted towards innovation and process improvement. In fact, every ClearyX team member is involved in the development of improvements of our processes and we are empowered to regularly present and execute on our ideas. We have a management team that is relentless about reimagining how our legal services can be delivered and actively foster and encourage our involvement. These projects keep me engaged before my toddler returns from daycare at 4:30pm.

My work with ClearyX provides me with so much flexibility that I’m able to balance my mom life and work life. I am also challenged by my work, get to be creative, and feel supported by my team.

The value creation and exceptional team here at ClearyX is better experienced than described.

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